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Heartwood Huckleberries Readiness Checklist

Required skills for enrollment in the Huckleberries Class:

  • Fully potty trained

  • Can alert adults when they need to use the restroom

  • Does not wander away or run from adults

  • Can stay with a group

  • Responds when name is called

  • Not prone to running or hiding when upset

  • Is comfortable and capable of being away from parents and guardians.

  • Can follow instructions

  • Can remember and follow basic safety rules

  • Generally tolerant to varying weather conditions- cold, rain, heat

  • Gets along well with other children

  • Able to carry a small backpack with lunch and water
    Willing to wear appropriate clothing for various weather conditions (e.g. raincoats, hats, gloves, boots)

  • Able to communicate needs or issues to an adult (cold, discomfort, etc)


More than two accidents per quarter (fall, winter, spring, summer) is an indicator that your child is not quite ready for a long day at Heartwood. Under these circumstances, we will ask you to withdraw your child and reapply the following year, when their potty training skills may be stronger.

We understand that occasional accidents may occur. Under these rare circumstances, families will be asked to pick up their child for the day and take them home to be changed into clean clothes. The child may return to class the following class day. Per Heartwood policy, due to our lack of proper facilities to do so, teachers cannot change kids out of soiled clothing


Seperating from the group is a major safety hazard in locations as large and heavily wooded as St. Edward State Park. If your child runs or hides from the group 2 or more times,we will withdraw your child from Heartwood for the year in order to give your child a few more months to grow and develop the impulse control needed to stay with the group. It is common for children in this age range to need some time to work on this developmental milestone and we encourage you to reapply the following year.

If you have any questions about a specific readiness requirement or are unsure of your child’s readiness for Heartwood, please contact us at info@heartwoodnatureprograms.org.