Summer Camps
Ages 4-11

Registration for all camps opens February 2022!


Camp Heronswood at Wallace Creek Park  ~ Ages 5-9

Join us for fun in the sun at Heartwood's newest 100% outdoor nature immersion camp location: Camp Heronswood at Wallace Swamp Creek Park in Kenmore, WA! This gem of a park has a variety of terrain and ecosystems, including a creek and wetland area perfectly suited for exploration, study and fun! Explore and connect outside with us at Camp Heronswood. Combining community building, playful exploration and environmental education paired with a stewardship project, our summer camp programs nurture in children a sense of belonging in and responsibility for the natural world. Throw in a healthy dose of friends, mindfulness activities, field games, and crafts, and your child will have a camp experience to remember!




Camp Bigleaf at St. Edward State Park ~ Ages 4-6

Camp Bigleaf is 100% outdoors and includes nature study, play, hiking, art, yoga, mindfulness practice and team building games.  Immersed in nature at Saint Edward State Park, children will explore their environment, have fun and make lasting friendships with the support and guidance of our loving teachers.




Camp Wildwood  ~ Ages 6-11

Explore and connect outside at Camp Wildwood. By combining community building with the playful exploration of forest and lake, our summer camp nurtures in children a sense of belonging in the natural world. Throw in a healthy dose of friends, yoga, mindfulness, field games, and crafts, and your child will have a camp experience to remember!




Outdoor Skills for Outdoor Kids

Learn fun and valuable outdoor skills through games and hands on activities. Together we'll explore outdoor survival techniques, map reading and orienteering skills, shelter building, knot tying and basic first aid. 

Flora and Foraging

Come forage with us and discover the bounty of the PNW forest. Make paint from berries and tea from stinging nettles. Learn to identify native plant species and their non-native competitors and how people use these resources for food, shelter and fun!

Nature is a Theater

Discover your creativity through theater games, improvisation, creative movement, singing and storytelling. Then use those skills to bring to life the story of “The Lorax” and perform it for the younger camp at the end of the week!

Winged Creatures of the Day and Night

Learn about the raptors and winged mammals that rule the daytime and nighttime skies at St. Edwards State Park. From Eagles and Red Tailed Hawks to Owls and Bats, join us as we take to the skies and to discover what makes these flying wonders special.

Creative Campers

Learn how to create beautiful, eye catching works of art with or without art supplies!  Build sculptures from sticks and rocks, paint with mud, create a self portrait from pinecones and dirt, then experiment with water colors, yarn and fabric for projects you can take home.

Nature Detectives

Who lives in this forest? How do you know? Learn how to find the signs of animal activity hidden in the forests, fields and streams. We’ll discover animal tracks, scat, nests and burrows and so much more.

Camp Wildwood Camper Checklist

  • Nourishing food and water

  • Backpack

  • Bag Lunch 

  • Water

  • Hat & Sunscreen (no spray please)

  • Bathing Suit

  • Towel

  • Sneakers 

  • Jacket or Sweatshirt for Cooler Days

  • Please be sure to label all personal belongings.

  • No electronic items are necessary at camp. 

  • Heartwood is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

  • Heartwood is a very active camp no matter what the location or the weather. We are at camp to play and socialize outside and will do so despite rainy weather or hot temperatures.

  • Campers are expected to participate as they are able throughout the day and to come home tired and dirty, but with a smile.

Camp Wildwood Session Descriptions

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