How Can You Help?

Heartwood Nature Programs Foundation

Mission Statement:

To foster deep and lasting connections with the natural world through nature immersion, play, exploration, learning and shared time together to inspire and empower people of all ages to be stewards of the environment, their community and their own well-being.

Our Fundraising Goals:

After the sudden closure of Camp Roots, Heartwood stepped in to open in its place to connect families with the natural world and each other. We are so excited to go on this journey with you and we need your help!

Our goal is to raise $10,000 to go towards making Heartwood a strong, resilient non-profit that provides high quality experiences at a low cost to families. In the best of times, this is a challenging goal, and it is even more so during these unusual times.

Please consider making a donation to Heartwood. All funds will be used to support the development and long-term health of the programming we offer. Examples may include:

  • Staff development (Advanced Wilderness first aid, native culture, equity and inclusion, naturalist training, mentoring)

  • Program materials (STEM materials, bug boxes, magnifying glasses, journals, rain gear, books, field guides)

  • Competitive teacher salaries

  • New/additional programming (classes ages 0-3 years, classes ages 12-15 years, women's circles and classes for families to attend together)

TUITION ASSISTANCE: Please also be on the lookout for our Winter 2021 fundraising campaign, where we will be raising money with the goal of re-establishing our tuition assistance program.



How Can You Help?

Every time we need to hire a substitute teacher, we incur a cost of approximately $95 a day. When you volunteer to substitute teach, that that $95 go towards our financial health, sustainability and programming goals.


Heartwood Nature Programs is a program operating under The Heartwood Nature Programs Foundation.


The foundation is currently in the process of applying for a federal 501(c)3 corporation designation. The estimated date of approval for the application is December 2020. At this time, all donations to the Foundation will be retroactively eligible for tax deductible status.

Tax ID/EIN #85-2065167

We also accept checks! Please mail checks to:

Heartwood Nature Programs Foundation

16904 Juanita Dr NE, #106 Kenmore 98028



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