2022 Holiday Break Camps
Ages 5-11

2022 Mid-Winter Break Camp

Days Offered:

Thursday 2/18

Friday 2/19

Monday 2/21

Tuesday 2/22

Wednesday 2/23

Thursday 2/24

Friday 2/25

(you may register for one or more days)

Location: St. Edward State Park

Flex Drop-off: 9:00am to 9:30am

Teacher Student Ratio: 1:8

Cost: $70/day due upon registration

2022 Spring Break Camp

Days Offered:

Monday 4/11

Tuesday 4/12

Wednesday 4/13

Thursday 4/14

Friday 4/15

(You may register for one or more days)

Location: St. Edward State Park

Flex Drop-off: 9:00am to 9:30am

Teacher Student Ratio: 1:8

Cost: $70/day due upon registration

Participant Requirements


Children should be comfortable spending time outdoors in all weather conditions. Participants must also be able to hike up to about 1 mile on uneven terrain, arrive dressed in appropriate clothing/gear (as outlined below) and be willing to keep necessary gear on (including warm layers, socks, gloves, and hats). Children must be able to stay with the group, follow basic safety rules and instructions, and communicate needs or issues to an adult.  Children must also meet our Camper Readiness Requirement.

What to Wear

  • Mask

  • Long-sleeved shirt (wool or synthetic, not cotton)

  • Leggings or long underwear

  • Fleece or wool sweater

  • Fleece or wool pants

  • Rain jacket or waterproof winter coat

  • Snow pants or rain pants

  • Warm hat

  • Warm gloves or mittens, with water-resistant shell

  • Warm (wool or synthetic) socks

  • Snow or rain boots

  • Extra fleece or puffy jacket

What to Bring

  • Extra Mask

  • Backpack suitable for hiking

  • Nutritious and filling lunch and snack

  • Water in a reusable water bottle

  • Extra set of clothes (socks, underwear, pants, shirt), in a plastic/waterproof bag


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Holiday Break Camps

Registration is open!

Class Description


Heartwood Break Camps give children the opportunity to experience the glory of St. Edward State Park throughout the changing seasons. We offer the following break camps: Mid-Winter Break in February and Spring Break in April.  Each break camp is unique in it's own way as the forest changes throughout the year, from the leaf piles in fall to the rushing streams in winter to the emerging greenery of spring. Break Camps are full of forest play, hiking, crafting and exploration. During the cooler days, the children warm their hands around a daily fire, share tea and play field games to build community and keep everyone warm. On warmer days the children will splash in spring puddles, roll down grassy hills and relax lakeside.  This camp is a 100% outdoors nature immersion program designed to nurture in children a sense of belonging in the natural world and to each other. Come adventure with us!



Will my 5 year old be in a class of primarily 10-11 year olds?  

  • With our short term break camps, we do not have control over the ages of the students. If we discover your 5 year old is signed up for a break camp consisting of primarily older children, we will let you know and offer you the opportunity to drop the class at no cost if you feel it  is not a good fit.


What are you doing to protect staff and children from COVID19?

  • Please visit our COVID19 page to read our detailed COVID-19 Readiness and Response Plan.

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