Ages 6-11

Registration for 2022-2023 opens
Thursday, February 17, at 8am!

2022-2023 Salmonberries Class Details

Ages: 5 -11 

Location: St. Edward State Park, Kenmore, WA

Days/Times Offered:  

Monday: 10am - 3pm

Tuesday: 10am - 3pm

Wednesday: 9am - 2pm

Thursday: 10am - 3pm

Location: Paradise Valley, Woodinville, WA

Days/Times Offered:  

Friday: 10am - 3pm 


We recommend signing up for between 1-3 days, depending on your child's stamina for spending time outdoors in inclement weather.

Start Date: Week of September 12th

Class Ratio: 1 teacher for every 7 students

Program Length: Mid-September through mid-June

Cost: $2124 for each day of the week enrolled.


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Registration opens Thursday, February 17, at 8am! 


Class Description


The Salmonberries class is a nature immersion program for ages 6-11 where kids learn through hands-on experiences while hiking, playing, and exploring the forest, water, and field habitats.

Heartwood endeavors to address the disconnect between people and the natural world and develop in participants a greater sense of belonging to and responsibility for our local natural resources through:

  • Learning activities that are authentic, meaningful, relevant, and engaging.

  • Mindfulness practices that develop place-awareness, self-awareness, reduce stress, and build personal resilience, confidence, independence, teamwork, communication, and leadership skills.

  • Stewardship activities focused on developing a deep understanding of the impacts and outcomes of spending time in nature for the space itself and for our own selves.

  • Outdoor skill-based learning such as knife work, fire building, foraging, and animal tracking that instills in children a sense of place, independence, self-sufficiency and ease while being outdoors and in a natural and wild environment.