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Emergency Protocol and Closures

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Participant Requirements & Rules 

What to Wear and Bring

Huckleberries Readiness Checklist and Policies

Park Location

Heartwood is located at:

Saint Edward State Park, 14445 Juanita Drive NE, Kenmore, WA 98028 

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Questions? Schedule a site visit to meet our directors and learn more about us!

Emergency Protocol and Closures 


Extreme Weather Protocol and Closure 

Heartwood considers weather closures of local schools (Northshore School District and/or Bastyr University), guidance from the rangers of Saint Edward State Park, and local weather alerts to determine if the school must be closed for extreme weather. If the roads within or leading to the park are deemed unsafe for driving, Heartwood will be closed. Class may also be cancelled if it is judged to be unsafe for children to be outside, for reasons of weather, air quality, or any other reason, as determined by the Forest School Director. 


If lightning is in the forecast for a camp day, any trips to the lake or long hikes will be cancelled for that day. If thunder is heard or lightning is seen, teachers will take shelter with students in the gym building next to the ranger office until it stops. 

High Wind Advisory

In the case of a High Wind Warning during class hours, classes will be cancelled for the day.

In the case of a Wind Advisory during class hours, any forested hikes or activities will be limited to times outside of the Wind Advisory. During the Wind Advisory period, activities will be kept to the fields or open spaces, to avoid potential falling branches or trees. 

In the case of a weather-related closure, an email and Remind message will be sent out to parents to inform them of the change. We do not issue refunds or make-up days for classes cancelled due to weather. 

Emergency Protocol 

In the event of an emergency, such as a severe weather situation or an earthquake occurring during school hours, the following protocol will be followed: 

● If the situation is safe, teachers and students will remain in place at the park waiting for parents to return to pick up their children. 

● In the case of extreme weather during programs, the class will take shelter in the Ranger Office building/Gymnasium until it is safe to return outside. If conditions are such that it will not be safe to return outside, parents will be contacted to pick up the children. 

● If it becomes necessary to evacuate the park before parents are able to come and pick up their children, parents will be contacted, and we will evacuate to Arrowhead Elementary or to the nearby home of the Co-Executive Director.


September 14 First Day of Programs 

November 24 - 27 Thanksgiving Break - no classes 

December 21 - Jan. 1 Winter Break - no classes 

January 18 Martin Luther King Day - no class 

February 1 Registration Opens for 2021/2022 School Year

February 15 - 19 Mid-Winter Break - no classes 

April 12 - 16 Spring Break - no classes 

May 31 Memorial Day - no class 

June 21 Last Day of Programs 

Cost and Payment Information 

Cost, Payment and Cancellation Policies

Social Media 


To see updates on Heartwood programs and happenings, as well as photos from our classes, you can follow Heartwood on Facebook and Instagram. 



Heartwood COVID19 Policy, Response and Communication Plan  


Based on the rapidly evolving nature of the COVID19 pandemic, the Heartwood COVID19 Policy, Response and Communication Plan will change based on the latest information provided by the Washington State Department of Health and the CDC. 

Heartwood will ensure staff are trained in health and safety protocols for our site, including how to screen for symptoms, handwashing, maintain physical distance, frequent cleaning, and what to do if someone develops signs of COVID-19. 

Participant Requirements & Rules 

Please view our Participant Requirements & Rules here.

What to Wear and Bring

What to Wear

At Heartwood we firmly believe that there is no bad weather, only inappropriate clothing. We love the rain and the puddles and mud it creates, and when children are dressed correctly they are free to enjoy it fully. Non-cotton inner layers and waterproof outer layers are key to keeping safe, warm and dry in our wet Pacific Northwest. Use the link below to find some guidelines to what we’ve found works best.  





What to Bring

All Snack and lunch items should be in a backpack (One your kid can carry on their own) and labeled with your child’s name. We encourage our students to independently manage their lunches and other possessions (opening and closing containers, disposing of trash, closing and putting away lunch bags, etc.), so please keep ease of use in mind when planning and packing lunches. Pack all extra clothing/gear in a separate tote bag or backpack so that the campers will have what they need for clothing without the weight being on their backs.

  • Reusable water bottle: Make sure your child can open and close it on their own!

  • Healthy lunch and snack: please try to limit the amount of plastic packaging in your child’s lunch, as bits of plastic are easily lost in the wind and become litter.

  • One complete change of clothes: in a ziploc bag

What to Leave at Home

  • Toys and electronics : these take up valuable backpack space, cause jealousy and arguments between children, and distract from our immersive nature experience. Please leave them at home or in the car!

  • Precious or valuable items/trinkets : kids love to take these sorts of things out to show their friends, and they very easily get lost in the dirt or grass.

  • Candy : We try to set an example of healthy eating, and candy wrappers are easily lost in the wind and become litter.

  • Anything that cannot get dirty : Everything at Heartwood will get dirty!

  • Flip-flops : these will not work for hiking/climbing/running

  • Hand sanitizer : As hand sanitizer should only be used under adult supervision, we ask that parents do not send their children with a personal hand sanitizer - teachers will have some on hand.

  • Pocket knives : We do not currently allow pocket knives at Heartwood.

Huckleberry Readiness Checklist


Is your 3.5-4 year old ready for Forest School? Please use the link below to read our Huckleberries Readiness Checklist and Heartwood's 100% Potty Trained and "Solo Adventurer" Policies