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Summer Camp FAQ

  • I am on the waitlist, what are my chances of getting a spot?
    We often are able to offer waitlisters spots in camp. We tend to have most spots open up closer to summer or during summer, when most waitlisted families have already made alternative plans. Families have up to 24 hours to accept a spot, you will be notified via email and text message, before it is offered to someone else. We encourage you to join the waitlist at any time, whether that is in February or July, and we will let you know if something opens up.
  • Can I sign up for only 1 or 2 weeks of camp?
    Yes, our camps are designed for families to sign up for single weeks, as many as you would like. Whether you are looking for a one-week camp experience or wish to enroll for multiple weeks, our registration process allows you to select the weeks that work best for your family. Additionally, we offer a variety of themed camps each week, ensuring that there is always something new and exciting for your child to explore.
  • Do you offer priority registration for returning families?
    Both new and returning families have the opportunity to register at the same time. By providing this equal access to registration, we ensure that all families have a fair chance to secure a spot in our camps, fostering a sense of inclusivity and belonging for everyone. Whether you are a returning family or joining us for the first time, we look forward to welcoming you to our community!
  • Is payment collected at the time of registration?
    Registering before April 1st: At registration, a non-refundable deposit to hold you space in camp is collected for each week of camp and for each camper. Your remaining balance is collected on April 25th. Registering on or after April 1st: your full payment is collected.
  • What is the Payment and Cancellation Policy?
    Our cancellation policy states that the deposit is non-refundable. For the full payment and cancellation policy, including information on cancellations within a certain timeframe, please refer to the detailed payment and cancellation policy.
  • On the day of camp, can I check-in my camper early?
    Educators are preparing for the day right until the camp start time and are not able to check-in campers early.
  • Can I drop-off (check-in) my camper late, or pick up (check-out) my camper early?
    Yes, if you need to arrive late or leave early, please communicate this with the table staff at the park at check-in or check-out. If you need to arrive late on your first day of the week, email us at For Camp Wildwood and Camp Bigleaf, if you need to check-out your camper while the camp is down at the lake, you can either pick up your camper from the lake (it is a 15-to-30-minute hike, depending upon ability), or come earlier and pick up prior to the camp going to the lake. Camp staff at the park can tell you the lake schedule.
  • My child is on the youngest or oldest part of the age range, will they be the only one their age in camp?
    Our staff keep a close eye on the composition of ages within camp during the registration period, as we know how important it is to have similarly aged peers in camp. It rarely happens that there are not multiples of an age group. However, if we see there are no other campers within 1 year's age of your child, we will email you and give you the opportunity to transfer to a different week or unenroll.
  • Do you provide before or after care?
    No, our staff are preparing for the day prior to camp start time and have obligations after camp is over. Please be on time for check-out.
  • My camper is only able to attend part of the week, can I get a refund for the days they miss?
    Our investment in our staff, resources, and overall programming prevents us from providing a discount or refund if your camper attends only a partial week. We strive to maintain the highest standards of programming and supervision for the benefit of all campers, and this requires a commitment to our staffing and resources for the entire duration of the program. With that said, it is common for campers to miss a partial or full day of camp for outside appointments or vacations. Please notify staff at camp prior to the abscense(s). If your camper is going to miss the first day of the week of camp, email us at and the office will notify the camp director.
  • My child would like to be in camp with a friend, what are the chances that will happen?
    You can make a friend request on the enrollment form at time of registration, and up until June 1st on your enrollment form if you log back into the enrollment portal. We do our very best to place campers with friends that are registered in the same camp. If your camper has a lot of friend requests, we may not be able to meet every request.
  • What are your staff to camper ratios?
    Camp Wildwood and Camp Heronswood have a staff ratio of 1:8, as well as support from volunteer CITs (Counselors-In-Training of middle school and high school age) designated to each camp. We also have camp coordinators and camp assistants to help out as needed. Camp Bigleaf has a staff ratio of 1:6, as well as support from volunteer CITs (Counselors-In-Training of middle school and high school age) designated to each camp. We also have camp coordinators and camp assistants to help out as needed.
  • What certifications do your camp counselors have?
    All camp counselors are certified in cpr and first aid; they have also cleared a background check.
  • What is the adult supervision when kids are wading in water?
    Adult camp staff will be present at all times while campers are at the lake. Small groups of campers rotate in the water with 2 adult supervisors. Camp Bigleaf is allowed to go up to their mid-shin, and Camp Wildwood is allowed to wade up to just above the knee, within Heartwood boundaries.
  • What happens if there is exessive heat or smoke?
    Please see our Cancellation Policy for details on exesssive heat and smoke.
  • Does my camper need to be potty trained?
    Yes, campers are required to be fully potty trained.
  • Where do campers use the restrooms?
    We utilize park restrooms with flush toilets, portapotties, and the vault toilets near the lakeshore (at Saint Edward SP). Camp staff ensure the bathrooms are clear of the public before campers enter. We give campers time to use the bathroom prior to hikes, however in the event of an urgent need to use the restroom during hikes, campers are allowed to "nature pee" with guidance and discretion.
  • Do you provide food, or do we pack a lunch?
    Campers bring their own nutrious lunches and healthy snacks. In support of families choosing what their campers' use to fuel their bodies, as well as respecting food allergies and restrictions, campers are not allowed to share lunches & snacks. Summer camp is full of physical activity, you may want to pack a little more food than you think your camper needs. Some camps may forage a small amount of berries or nettles for campers to have a small taste with supervision.
  • Can my camper refill their water bottles at camp?
    Yes! All campers are required to come with a full reusable water bottle, and we provide a refilling station.
  • Can my camper bring a pocket knife to camp?
    Please leave pocket knifes at home.
  • Can my camper bring their cell phone?
    Cell phones are not allowed at camp. If a camper must bring a cell phone, it must be packed in the bottom of their backpack and may not come out during camp. Cell phones for medical necessity are allowed, please contact us at to discuss. Heartwood is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items.
  • Is there a lost and found?
    Yes, at the end of camp each day, lost and found will be at the check-out table. Items not claimed at the end of each week will be sent to our office. We will hold onto these items for one more week, after which they will be donated. Email us at if you would like to claim an item.
  • What is your discipline policy?
    You can read about our camp rules and camper expectations and guidelines here:
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