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Heartwood Readiness Checklist

Is Heartwood a good fit for my child?

There are certain skills and competencies that are important to our nature immersion programs that not all children at our accepted age ranges can be expected to possess. The following abilities are essential for a child to be safe and successful in our programs:


  • Responds when name is called

  • Can alert adults when when they need to use the restroom

  • Can use the restroom independently

  • Is comfortable and capable of being away from parents and guardians

  • Can follow instructions

  • Can remember and follow basic safety rules

  • Generally tolerant to varying weather conditions- cold, rain, heat

  • Gets along well with other children

  • Able to carry small backpack w/ lunch and water

  • Willing to wear appropriate clothing for various weather conditions (e.g. raincoats, hats, gloves, boots)

  • Not napping between 11-3

  • Not prone to running or hiding when upset

  • Able to communicate needs or issues to an adult (cold, discomfort, etc)

If you have any questions about a specific item or are unsure of your child’s readiness for Heartwood, please contact us at

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