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Blackberries has combined with Huckleberries for a multi-age class experience for ages 3-5, this is also a recipe for a yummy, fruit salad!

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Too many cooks in the kitchen spoil the

Class Description

Class Description

The Blackberries nature immersion enrichment classes are designed based on the seasons, natural processes and events occurring at St. Edward State Park, and students’ interests. While exact subjects may differ based on these elements, a typical year includes the following topics:

  • Fall: decomposition, mushrooms, spiders, deciduous v. evergreen trees, rain, mud, slugs and snails

  • Winter: survival, hibernation, migration, ice, temperature, holidays, community, fire, ducks and other water birds

  • Spring: seeds, flowers, insects, berries, life cycles, metamorphosis, birds, frogs, water exploration, ferns and shrubs

One of the primary goals of our programs is to build social and emotional skills through extended free play, cooperative games and projects, and mindfulness practice. Our teachers support the students’ growth and independence by encouraging them to work through challenges, questions and disagreements on their own, with teacher guidance and assistance as needed. This helps build perseverance, independence and cooperation. By being present and aware but limiting intervention until it is needed, teachers allow the children to authentically interact with each other and to build vital social skills.

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